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Walker Shoes with injection EVA Sole

Walker Shoes with injection EVA Sole

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Are you tired of dealing with persistent heel pain? Look no further than Eva sole supports, the ultimate solution to alleviate and prevent discomfort. These specially designed shoe inserts offer superior cushioning and support, making every step feel like a cloud beneath your feet. The Eva material provides excellent shock absorption, reducing stress on your heels while walking or standing for extended periods. Say goodbye to those painful mornings when you first set foot on the ground! With Eva sole supports, your heels will thank you for the relief they deserve. Easy to insert into any shoe and with a comfortable fit, these heel cushions are perfect for everyday use. Whether you're strolling around town or going for a casual hike, choosing Eva sole supports means endless comfort for your precious feet. So don't wait any longer – give your heels the care they need and enjoy a pain-free day!


Material type :Mesh

Closure type :Lace-Up

Heel type :Flatform Heel

Water resistance level :Not Water Resistant

Sole material :Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Style :Sports Shoes

Country of Origin :India

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